Gutter Cleaning Could Prevent Other Serious Problems

19 February 2020
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Rain gutters do essential work on behalf of homeowners. Unfortunately, this work goes overlooked. The problem here is that when homeowners don't fully realize the benefits rain gutters present, they might not perform the necessary maintenance to care for the gutters. Maintenance should include regular cleanings. Otherwise, the gutters won't perform their jobs effectively. That can lead to some unexpected — and costly — troubles for the homeowner.

Let the Gutter Do Its Job

Rain gutters do more than capture rain. When the gutters fill up, the water travels down the gutters to the downspout. A downspout is, essentially, a drain pipe. Water goes down the spout and pours out away from the house. Water isn't always harmless, which is why pouring it down a ground drain or elsewhere can prove beneficial. A homeowner has a duty to make sure the gutters work. Keeping up on repairs is one way to do so. Homeowners should also make sure the gutters are clean. Over time, debris does build up. Leaves and twigs alone could pile up in the gutters and spouts. Water might not flow well when this occurs, and that opens doors to some potential hazards.

Water Overflows and Overcomplicates

Water flowing over the sides of the gutters goes somewhere. Often, the rainwater runs down the side of the house. Don't just assume things will be okay because the water will dry up eventually. Long before the water dries, it can cause some severe problems. Here are some of them:

Damaged Bricks

Water runs onto the brick steps and connecting mortar and may bring with it a catastrophe. Water finds its way into the cracks and crevices. When the temperature drops, the water can turn to ice. Ice expands and could crack the mortar and bricks. The damage may require repair work or necessitate building new steps. Now you're spending a lot of money.

Slip Hazards

Water hitting the pavement could also freeze. Icy surfaces present slipping hazards. Those hazards won't go away in below-freezing weather. Throwing salt on ice patches could melt the ice, but ice doesn't cause the problem — the gutters aren't working properly. 

To get the gutters back to doing their job, you might need to request a thorough cleaning. A one-time cleaning may not be enough. Regularly scheduled cleanings, perhaps several times per year, might be best. Reach out to a gutter cleaning service to discuss your options.