Should You Throw Away Your Rug Or Get It Professionally Cleaned?

19 October 2021
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Do you have a rug that you think you might have to throw away soon? Years of wear and tear could eventually leave a rug looking aesthetically unpleasing. Dirt, dust, food, drinks, and other substances will leave their marks as well.

In some cases, you might be able to get a second life out of your rug by getting it professionally cleaned. However, it's possible that you've gotten all of the use out of it there is, and even a professional deep cleaning wouldn't restore it enough to be worth keeping.

Can't I just clean the rug myself? 

You wouldn't be the first person to attempt cleaning your rug yourself. In fact, you've probably cleaned it many times over the years with a vacuum, and occasionally maybe even some soap and water. These methods are great for many surface-level issues, but for more serious problems, they simply will not suffice.

If you're already anticipating having to possibly throw your rug away, it's probably too late for you to clean it properly yourself. At this point, your only choices are getting it cleaned by a professional company, or calling it a loss and getting rid of it.

DIY cleaning vs professional

A professional rug cleaning company doesn't just use typical household cleaning methods, such as vacuuming. Instead, they use industrial-strength machines and powerful cleaning solutions to clean your rug in a way that can't be achieved by the average person. If your rug only has minor issues with dirt and no major stains, a professional cleaning could potentially make it look as good as new.

Making your choice

To decide whether it would be best for you to get your rug cleaned or to just throw it away, you'll need to consider a few factors. Does it have any rips, holes, or similar damage? Are there deep stains that will be impossible to remove?

Aside from the condition of the rug, you will also need to consider its value. Some items can hold special sentimental value, especially if you've had them for a really long time or got them from a special person. The monetary value may also come into play if you have a particularly valuable rug.

If your rug is financially or sentimentally valuable, you may be more willing to at least try getting it professionally cleaned before deciding to part ways with it. The company you choose will typically inspect your rug and let you know if they think they can clean it effectively or not. 

Contact a rug cleaning service for more information.